SANDRA DODD is from Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA). She likes to help parents be thoughtful and creative.

Sandra has three grown up children – Kirby, Marty and Holly – who have been unschooled all their lives. She is the author of two books, Moving a Puddle and Sandra Dodd’s Big Book of Unschooling.

She owns the Always Learning list, which is the best resource available for experienced unschoolers. She also hosts the Radical Unschooling website – a treasure trove of information and weekly unschooling chats. On her Just Add Light and Stir blogspot, she shares a daily message of inspiration and encouragement for unschooling parents.

Sandra has been an unschooling advocate for over 20 years and has spoken in many conferences in the USA and internationally.

Sandra will be giving two talks – ‘Answers to Most Repeated Unschooling Questions of All Time’ and ‘Balance and Flow’. She will also be leading a couple of informal, casual introduction rounds with attendees that would like to participate.

JOYCE FETTEROLL is from Boston, Massachusetts (USA). She inspires parents to put their relationship with their child first and then figure out how to fit everything else around that.

She has a grown up daughter named Kat who has been unschooled for most of her life. Joyce is the owner of the Joyfully Rejoycing website which has a wealth of information for parents wanting to learn about radical unschooling. She has been a moderator of the Always Learning list for the past 11 years. Joyce is also a regular writer for numerous other groups, helping parents deepen their understanding of unschooling.

Joyce has been an unschooling advocate for 18 years and has spoken at numerous conferences.

Joyce will be giving a talk entitled ‘Unschooling Toolbox: What Unschooling Is and Isn’t. What Makes it Work Well and Why’.

RIPPY DUSSELDORP SARAN lives in Leiden, the Netherlands. She likes to help people be happy and to help children find friends.

She has two children – eight year old Gianluca and six year old Gisele. Her family started unschooling in 2008 and her children have always been unschooled. She is a daily reader of the Always Learning list and an occasional contributor.

Rippy likes to share her experiences about starting an unschooling friendly home learning group. She uses Leiden Home Learners as a place to experiment with new ideas to inspire others.

Rippy will be giving a talk entitled ‘The Gift of Always Learning’.

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