It might be a nice idea to combine the Altijd Leren Live Unschooling Symposium with a family vacation to the Leiden area. You can experience living like a Dutch unschooling family :-)

It is a wonderful place to visit for a family holiday as there are lots of things for children to do, see and experience. Distances are not great and you will most likely be able to visit a few different cities during your holiday, should you want to. If you have unschooling friends that you’ve wanted to go on holidays with, this might be a great time to have that vacation.

There will be early afternoon Leiden Home Learners meetings on June 28th and on July 2nd. Sandra (and probably Joyce) will be at the meetings to talk informally, answer questions and share ideas. Attendees of the symposium are welcome to visit us at both meetings. If you are visiting Amsterdam, our sister group, Amsterdam Home Learners, may also have a meeting that you could drop in on.

There is the possibility of camping, staying in holiday bungalows or basic accommodation in a number of places nearby Leiden – Alphen aan de Rijn, Wassenaar, Katwijk, Noordwijk, Delft and others. If you wanted to have a car free holiday, it is possible to do this in the Netherlands. All the cities mentioned are less than 45 minutes from the center of Leiden using public transport. Some are much closer.

Both Camping Stochemhoeve and Recreatiegebied Vlietland offer camping possibillities in Leiden. There are also a few hotel and Bed and Breakfast options in Leiden.

Archeon, the open air museum in Alphen aan de Rijn, has recently started offering camping holidays.

The amusement park Duinrell offers both camping and renting of basic bungalows.

The picturesque city of Delft has both camping and rental accommodation options close to the Delft woods.

For a beach holiday, both Katwijk and Noordwijk offer a number of choices.


There is an unschooling family from Nijmegen that will be camping in Katwijk by the sea with their two young children – ages 5 and 3. They will be at the site from June 27th through July 1st. The family thinks it would be great if there were other unschooling families camping there at the same time.

The family stayed at the same site last year when they attended A Day in Leiden with Sandra Dodd and describe it as “not too big, very no nonsense camping at a great spot: right at the bottom of the dunes.” They’ve rented one of the basic cabins, and there are three more cabins available close by. There are also options at this location to rent a mobile home or to camp.

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